Fabrication of High-Precision Gear Parts Anywhere in Canada

At Kustom Gear Inc, our engineering and manufacturing services are designed to meet the following needs:

  • Service life of bearings
  • Mechanical HP
  • Thermal HP
  • Desired ratio
  • No teeth
  • Pressure angle
  • Gear type
  • Gear treatment
  • Teeth finishing
  • Fitting type
  • Etc.

We conduct a variety of tests at our factory in order to provide you with superior-quality service:

  • Tooth imprint
  • Vibration test
  • Temperature
  • Play between gears
  • Axial bearing clearance
  • Sound of gearboxes
  • Testing of gearboxes
  • Magnetic inspection by fluorescent particle under black light
  • Conventional magnetic inspection, dry particle method
  • Liquid penetrant testing

We design, fabricate and assemble speed reducers. Our expertise also allows us to refurbish your equipment, and we will travel to your factory in order to carry out the tests you require.

25 Years of Experience, Solid Expertise!

Our team of experienced technicians has acquired outstanding expertise that is enhanced by using specialized equipment for the fabrication of gears and gear reducers (gearboxes, gearcases). In addition, we work with Soft Key software in order to optimize our operations. This allows us to provide you with superior-quality service.

Our production area, which measures more than 47,600 square feet, is equipped to handle parts and gears of all sizes. We can manufacture gears as small as 0.5 inches or as large as 20 feet (6.10 m) in diameter.

Gear systems are used in many sectors of activity, which is why our activities are so extensive. Among other things, we are well positioned to serve aluminium smelters, pulp and paper mills, mining operations, refineries and companies of all sizes.

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