Who are we?

Kustom Gear fabricates all types of gears and specializes  in refurbishing and conception of gearboxes.  Kustom is the gear reference in Quebec.  The fabrication with plans and specifications, the refurbishing as well as gear conception and speed reducer are of superior quality.

Kustom's objective is to improve their clients equipment, therefore permitting  them to optimize production.

The fabrication and  customized conception are a strength for  Kustom Gear. Kustom makes customized gearboxes that will adapt perfectly to the clients production equipment. The gearbox fabrication by Kustom allows to save time and money compared to the original suppliers of these products.  A technical support service is also offered. The mechanical element optimization calculations are assisted by KissSoft software.

The gears, speed reducers and speed multipliers match the standards of the  AGMA  (American Gear Manufacturers Association).

mission and values




The conception,  fabrication and the  reparation of efficient and reliable gearboxes as well as gears.

Kustom is a subsidiary of the Rosbon Group, which permits us to ally the specialties to offer our clients an outstanding service.

Specialist in retro-engineering of industrial  equipment, machining and welding.  Dodec is also a leader in  conception, fabrication and refection  of hydro-electric dams. Dodec Industries is a Hardox Wearpart center, thus permitting an expertise in the wear component field, a plus for Rosbon Group.

Specialized in precision machining.

Hydraulic and industrial mechanic expert.